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Acrylic Pouring And The Environment

/ September 14, 2018/ Art, News

I recently joined a discussion on Facebook on how acrylic paint should be disposed and whether is it dangerous for the environment (considering micro-plastics). I wasn’t very happy with only bits and pieces of information on whether the paints contain

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Article Feature on German Blog

/ September 5, 2018/ Art, News

The German Blog recently contacted me about writing a tutorial on how to approach alcohol inks as a beginner. I was happy to write an article for them, explaining what alcohol inks (AI) are, what you need to get

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New Beginnings

/ September 3, 2018/ Art, Music, News, Photography

In 2016 – a year that for me ended on a tragic note health-wise – I started this website as a place solely dedicated to my photography. I spent most of 2017 recovering and coping and this year began further

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