Trude Fleischmann

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Trude Fleischmann The Beginning Born on 22. December 1895 in Vienna, Austria, Trude Fleischmann lived to be 94 years old. She died on 21. January 1990 in New York.  Fleischmann is amongst the most noteworthy photographers of the 1920s and 30s. But before starting her career as a photographer she graduated from high school, studied art history in Paris for

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New Gallery with Photos of Scotland

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After a ten day trip around Scotland, including most of the Highlands and parts of the Lowlands, I can finally show some of the photos I took. For Scottish conditions the weather was really good (only three really rainy days) and the autumn colours were amazing. This was our second trip there and I am completely in love with the

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New Beginnings

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In 2016 – a year that for me ended on a tragic note health-wise – I started this website as a place solely dedicated to my photography. I spent most of 2017 recovering and coping and this year began further embracing my love for art. I kept taking photos last year and will soon upload some and make new posts.

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News From The Twitterverse

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So recently I’ve been seeing lots of views on my website coming from Twitter. After the Malta Tourism Authority had let me know that they’ll be posting some of my pictures via Facebook a couple of weeks ago I was surprised to be seeing these mysterious referrals coming from Twitter, but somehow thought it might be »VisitMalta«. So I entered the

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Portfolio With Photos of Malta

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  Some of you might have guessed by my recent Facebook posts with photos of the strawberry moon that I’m up to something – here comes my latest portfolio with photos taken in Malta. In just a couple of days I took over 600 photos, but here’s a pick of my favourite scenes. Later this year I’ll be adding more, but

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