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Reisefieber (n.) German: [ˈra͜izəfiːbɐ] Lit. »travel fever«; Excitement, uneasiness before making a journey.  


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Murr-Ma (v.) Origin: Wagiman (Australia) It means »to walk along in the water searching for something with your feet« .


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Orotund (adj.) Latin: [ˈɔːrə(ʊ)tʌnd] Speaking or singing with fullness, strength and clarity of sound or voice.  


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»Will you let me romanticize, The beauty in our London Skies, You know the sunlight always shines, Behind the clouds of London Skies.« – Jamie Cullum, London Skies


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Luzzu A uniquely Maltese boat, the luzzu together with the Dgħajsa is the “unofficial” Maltese national symbol. It is a highly sturdy sea craft and is very much preferred by the local fishermen to other modern sea crafts. The boat is built from wood and it is believed that the design dates back hundreds of years. All luzzus have the Eye of Osiris painted on them. The eye is believed to protect

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Shisa, Shīsā, Okinawan: shiisaa [シーサー] Is a traditional Ryukyuan decoration, often in pairs, resembling a cross between a lion and a dog, from Okinawa mythology. Shisas are wards, believed to protect from evil. When in pairs, the left shisa traditionally has a closed mouth, the right one an open mouth. The open mouth wards off evil spirits, and the closed mouth keeps good spirits in.