How to Find a Cool Signature for Your Paintings

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When I noticed that I’m serious about working on canvas and had my first stack ready to be varnished, I figured that before I could give my work a shiny finish, I’d have to somehow sign it. I always put my initials J. P. on little previous works, but that seemed a bit too easy.

I also thought of leaving the front of my pours unsigned in order to leave the »right way« to see the painting to the person who hangs it. But then again that would be kind of denying my work. Or at least downgrading it.

Sign the side? Too insecure looking!

So I figured I need a good looking new signature. At that time my partner was reading Dan Brown’s Illuminati and I recalled the fancy, mysterious symbol / writing and wondered what this type of writing a word, which can be flipped horizontally, was called (without wanting to be anti-clerical in any way!). How cool would an ambigram be on a painting that can be turned any way?

Some online research led me to the word ambigram. Aha! I had heard of the anagram (let’s all remember You Know Who), but I had never heard of the ambigram (of course, from Latin ambo »both«. Makes sense, right?). I thought there must surely be some website that let’s you make your own ambigram. So some further research led me to Flipscript. Exactly the inspiration I needed! The idea behind the site, of course, is selling products with the design. And I guess that’s a cool extra. But I only want to see what an ambigram with my initials might look like. Once you’ve typed your two letters in the »first word« box, you can choose a font. It’s easier to use the second, WyndeStorm, because it’s not as complex as the other. And if you don’t quite believe that the ambigram works both ways: you can flip it in a live view!

Here are two versions of my signature. One is the early version I later refined.

Then you’ve got to use your imagination: what do the letters look like, what is their basic shape and can you make it any simpler? You might have to play around a bit until you find what you like, but it’s worth trying (and fascinating too).

I might still write something on the back of the frame, like the date, my full name and the name of the piece (if I gave it one). But I think this is a minimalist way of making a piece yours.

Have a look at the images below to get an idea of what I mean, and then just play around with what you can do. I admit, J and P are fairly easy to combine, but I’m sure Flipscript can offer lots of inspiration. If you search for how to make an ambigram online you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to build a whole word and what you have to keep in mind to create letters accordingly. Maybe I’ll give that a try some time as well…


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  1. Genius idea. I love this concept. Thank you for detailing this so well.

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