List of Items Needed for Work With Alcohol Inks

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In my article on how to get started, I tell you all about the tools and techniques needed to start working with alcohol inks. If you would like to know which inks, material and tools I recommend, check the listed links below to find what I like most. (Plus an extra special tip for one of my inventions!)

P.S. If you care to support a fellow artist, buying from these links will do so, at no additional cost for you! 🙂

➤ Alcohol Inks

Either Kielty, Piñata or Ranger Adirondack Inks. I like the Nature Walk, the Beach Deco, Countryside and Docside Picnic sets a lot. And Ranger Ink Metallics.

➤ Don’t forget rubber gloves (small, medium, large) packs with 50 pairs.

Isopropyl alcohol (I haven’t tried this specific brand).

Blending Solution.

Yupo 9″ x 12″ (or smaller 5″ x 7″) or try translucent Yupo or any non-porous surface.

Felt Applicator & Stamp

Hairdryer (this one has a button to set to cold without keeping it pressed)

➤ And now comes my super special tip: a blow out bulb – this is really my best advice! I thought of it while feeling the need to breathe properly when using a straw. It allows you to apply a concentrated air stream to small areas and that way work very detailed. See me use it in some of my videos.

Of course spending a lot of money to begin a new hobby is a bit intimidating at first, but remember: you’ll buy some of the items only once (like the blow out bulb) or be able to use them for a long, long time (like 50 pairs of rubber gloves!) and a big bottle of isopropyl will go a very long way too.

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