New Beginnings

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In 2016 – a year that for me ended on a tragic note health-wise – I started this website as a place solely dedicated to my photography. I spent most of 2017 recovering and coping and this year began further embracing my love for art. I kept taking photos last year and will soon upload some and make new posts. But I’ve also started experimenting with paint.

I’ve always loved scribbling, drawing, sketching and writing into the little notebooks I always carry with me. Something I’ve been doing for more than ten years now. But besides the painting and drawing lessons I got to take as a child, I never took it any further. After seeing the art of Emma Lindström which completely inspired me early this year, I decided to buy some paints and canvases and get started myself. Thus began my adventure with acrylics, alcohol inks and fluid art in general.

I also enjoy filming and editing time lapse videos of my art being created, so I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel. Here you can see what I’m actually doing. I don’t care too much for voiceover tutorials since there are so many great artists on YouTube who do just that in a great way.

And I love music. No, I don’t just love music, it is my life! I’m a musicologist, I think about music daily, I listen to and analyse it constantly, I write about music and it inspires me every day.
So what I need is a place where I can give all these passions a home. From now on you’ll find many more art-related topics covered here. I hope you enjoy every post!

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