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After a ten day trip around Scotland, including most of the Highlands and parts of the Lowlands, I can finally show some of the photos I took.

For Scottish conditions the weather was really good (only three really rainy days) and the autumn colours were amazing. This was our second trip there and I am completely in love with the Highlands. However, Edinburgh has so much to offer as well and was really exciting (because we packed all we could in one full day). Last time we only spent one afternoon before our flight left, this year we had the half days of arrival and departure plus one day in between.

Obviously Whisky was somewhat of a topic. We first visited one of Scotland’s largest distilleries (last year we visited one of the smallest distilleries in the country). And even though the process of making Whisky is the same everywhere, each manufacturer changes it slightly. It’s interesting to learn about these subtle differences and being able to feel, smell and, yes, also taste it all.

If you’re more for the »Indoor experience« I can also recommend the very nicely made Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh.

Click here to see the gallery.

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