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Some of you might have guessed by my recent Facebook posts with photos of the strawberry moon that I’m up to something – here comes my latest portfolio with photos taken in Malta.

In just a couple of days I took over 600 photos, but here’s a pick of my favourite scenes. Later this year I’ll be adding more, but for now I think this is plenty.

When driving around Malta one doesn’t really have to go to a museum or special sites recommended by a guide (book or human), because the entire island is worth seeing. Almost all the photos I took are of places which are open to everyone. Some are taken from a harbour cruise boat. But besides those few photos the rest is taken in the streets and the countryside.

I adore the sand coloured buildings which make up most of the towns looks. I love the little roads winding through Mdina – Malta’s former capital, the silent city. Old buildings reflect the sunlight on the outside and are dark and cool when you enter and the salty air always smells of the sea.

I hope you enjoy my photos.
Go to my album Malta to view the whole collection.


J. Pace

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