This Year’s Musical Highlight

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As some of you know I’ve loved Jamie Cullum’s music for the better part of ten years now (you’ll find my favourite song here), and recently a musical wish of mine was fulfilled when we went to see him live in concert.

And I must say I’m even more of a fan now than I’ve ever been before. I had already expected that his recorded voice is as great as it would sound in real life (not like many artist’s voices which are better on record than in reality). But of course nothing beats live performance and the energy that comes across when the actual singer is performing (and improvising) his or her songs.

I loved the new twists he gave the songs and the spur-of-the-moment feeling the concert had. I later learned that Jamie doesn’t use a setlist, which confirms my feeling. The band was great in accompanying him and featured some great musicians (my favourite was bass player Loz Garratt). I was also super excited to hear that he’s currently working on a new album.

Unfortunately I wasn’t permitted to bring »my« camera (I specially called the festival host to ask what kind of camera gear is permitted, haha), so I had to stick with a compact camera – luckily one with optical zoom! For days after the concert all I heard playing in my mind was his music. So here are a couple of photographic results, I hope you like them.


J. Pace


Here’s some music by Loz Garratt, perhaps to become one of my new favourites…

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