Why is it that I enjoy photography?

My earliest childhood memories of photography are being curious, when I watched my father take photos. Being allowed to play around with the »grown-ups toys« made it even more exciting. My first simple point-and-shoot camera was a christmas gift when I was almost five years old. Later instant photos became interesting too.


Today I find a lot of joy in music. Making, analysing, listening to and learning about music is one of my passions. But music as such lasts for just a brief moment, so perhaps photography is the exact opposite of the fleetingness of performed music.

To me photographs are like souvenirs. I look forward to taking them home with me after a nice trip, frame them and put them in a place I can see them. They remind me of the feeling a certain place, person or moment brought with them. They let us hold on to moments.

Of course there is also the pleasure in finding  nice perspectives and ways to look at things. Enjoying the beauty of proportions, light and composition. Technical aspects are fun too – playing with the camera and gear, adjusting settings and finding the right feeling a picture needs. Perhaps a good replacement for my lack of drawing skills.